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Military Reenactments – 360 Photos from Collins Barracks

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Last week I visited Collin’s Barracks, where Military re-enactments and Model exhibition were taking place. Had a nice chat with a “Polish Soldier” – Eryk, he even let me play with the big machine gun you can see lying on the second shot… I’m happy I’m not a WW2 soldier, this thing is not light, at all! He told me about big reenactments taking place during long Public Holiday weekend. I will try to get there and shoot a virtual tour from the event. If I have time of course as we already shooting Life Festival and Bloom 2010 during the same weekend. What I’m saying of course I will do it! This is best thing about 360 Degree Photography – people are curious and love it so maybe they will let me shoot inside some old tank ;)

Enjoy 360 images below!

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Wilczy Theatre Fringe Festival 2009

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Down on George’s Docks, D1 you could see a battered Mercedes camper van sitting forlornly at the kerb. After you and 12 others cram into it, you’ll find two Polish migrant workers engaging in a faintly absurdist tragic-comedy. As you knock knees with them, the men XX and AA lurch from an existential debate about eating a can of dog-food to a boozy exchange of philosophies over a melancholy New Year’s drink. Based on Slawomir Mrozek’s famous 1974 play, this vivid play questions the motives of migration, from raw economic need to a much more nebulous yearning for freedom.

The performance “Emigrants” is very original due to the intimacy of the play and the fact that the audience can almost participate in the action of the show. The limited space in the camper van allows to let in only 10 people inside. The 360 degree view gives you a chance to see how cramped it was inside, to enjoy more of 360 degree photography and virtual tours visit our site.

Wiczy Theatre is one of the most significant alternative theatres in Poland. It has existed since 1991 and has been created by Romuald Wicza- Pokojski in Brodnica. The idea of work in the company is based on a theatre-research approach. The Wiczy Theatre is guided by the objectives of a laboratory-theatre.

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